Short code service is growing in popularity virtually every day given its multiple advantages that brings to your business. We provide a wide range of short code services that are aimed to cater to small..

SMS Solutions

Short code service is growing in popularity virtually every day given its multiple advantages that brings to our business. VeryFastIT provides a wide range of short code services that are aimed to cater to small, medium as well as large scale business firms.

The 5 digit numbers are easy to remember and are interactive in nature. The 2-way communication enables you to reach out the customer irrespective of telecom service provider. It serves the purpose of both the user as well as enterprise. It has proved to be the most effective and easiest way to generate lead through advertisements.

A short code gives you a "from" number which can easily be memorized by your customers, suppliers or employees, allowing them to respond to your SMS text messages. VeryFastIT offers short code messaging in India and Saudi Arabia.

SMS short code is very widely used in SMS contests, polls, subscription services, etc. VeryFastIT is one of the leading Short code providers in India with a successful track record of catering to the needs of many national and international clients.

Our dedicated short code service enables the clients to launch customized as well as interactive platform through which they can either generate revenue or get valuable feedback from the customers.

Short code services in action:

  • SMS TV Chat.
  • SMS Voting (Surveys, Opinion polls, Quiz etc.)
  • Ask an Expert / Questionnaires.
  • Subscription based SMS/MMS Content Service.
  • Weekly/Monthly lucky draw.
  • SMS Contest and Competitions.
  • Reminder SMS.

Different types of short codes


Standard short codes work across all major mobile operators. Mobile users receiving or sending messages to standard short codes are NOT charged any premium fees for SMS messages.

Premium short codes

Premium short codes are used by companies to generate revenue in promotions or competitions. Usually the person receiving or responding to a message will be charged extra on their phone bill, depending on the type of service. VeryFastIT will pay you the entire revenue share received from the mobile operator. Revenue share from the operator/carrier depends on the operator's model.

Make your messaging pay - earn money on premium short codes

You will need to receive a minimum of 500 inbound (MO) messages per short code or keyword, per month before you receive the premium SMS revenue. This will be effective after 90 days.

If less than 500 messages are received, the revenue for that month will be kept by VeryFastIT to cover costs. Prolonged periods of volumes below the indicated thresholds or no activity may result in re-allocation of your short code (if owned by VeryFastIT) or keyword.

Revenues* will be paid to you after 90 days depending on when the operator pays VeryFastIT. We only charge you a small fee (1/3 of credit) for each inbound message that you receive. In addition a once-off setup fee and a fixed monthly rental fee are also charged. These charges depend on the country and number type you choose. *Revenue share available in India and Saudi Arabia only

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